New Year: A Dialogue

“New Year: A Dialogue” by Ella Wheeler Wilcox (1909) MORTAL:“The night is cold, the hour is late, the world is bleak and drear;Who is it knocking at my door?” THE NEW YEAR:“I am Good Cheer.” MORTAL:“Your voice is strange; I know you not; in shadows dark I grope.What seek you here?” THE NEW YEAR:“Friend, letContinue reading “New Year: A Dialogue”

How to Know You’re Inviting the Holy Spirit into Your Life

A litmus test of whether you are inviting the Holy Spirit into your life is the twelve fruits. They include: CharityJoyPeacePatienceKindnessGoodnessGenerosityGentlenessFaithfulnessModestySelf-controlChastity Yesterday, I failed in living in the Holy Spirit. Please pray for me. Share any prayer intentions you may have in the comments section or private message me. The post How to Know You’re…Continue reading “How to Know You’re Inviting the Holy Spirit into Your Life”

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